We are the new way people co-buy property. Buy with friends, family, co-workers or other partners. Flip, live-in or rent out - we got you covered!

We provide co-buyer default provisions, co-buyer agreement support, background checks, lenders, agents and even credit resources in case you are not quite ready yet!



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We are a proud member of the sharing economy, which has grown rapidly and now has Uber, Lyft and Airbnb brands collectively valued at over $100 billion.

Since 2011 home prices have increased a cumulative 48%, and income only 15%, which means it is even more difficult to buy a home than ever before (National Association of Realtors).

Also, not surprising, as many as 30% of working-age adults now live with a roommate who is not a love-interest, family member or college student, so they can live smart, affordable lives in the communities of their choosing. This percent also goes up in more populated and expensive markets such as L.A. where the percent of unrelated roommates is 45%.

All of the above has caused HBU to take action to help hard-working Americans build a stepping stone to home ownership or real estate investing through peer-to-peer partnership!

Our platform connects home buyers and property investors. We provide background checks, co-buyer agreements with protection against co-buyer default and match members based upon their profile requirements. HBU also includes recommended resources for credit repair, lenders, agents and more.

Why do some people have more - it is all about choices!

Citing research from the Federal Reserve, primary residences accounted for about one-quarter of Americans’ overall wealth in 2016, more than any other financial asset. Besides creating wealth, owning a home allows for amassing equity, with Americans having a record-high $14.4 trillion in equity as of the last quarter of 2017.

HBU Process

Step #1 - Register

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Step #2 - Get Verified

Get background checks

Step #3 Get prequalified

Determine buying power

Step #4 Get your agent

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Step #5 Co-Buyer Agreement

Co-Buyer protection

Profile Considerations

What type of Co-Buyer?

Be as specific as possible with your profile considerations but be flexible with your co-buyer agreement remembering this is not forever, just a stepping stone along your wealth building path.

Where do you want to live?

Not everyone speaks their minds but this is important, so speak up! Do you want property in a specific location? A modern, older or newer build? Be specific but be a little flexible.

Why get verified?

There are a lot of things in life that are optional and while a background check is optional, we strongly urge you to get one for yourself and your co-buyer to get one as well. Verification includes local and national criminal checks as well as sex offender clearance.

Need credit repair?

We all know one or two small events in life can impact your credit: student loans, divorce, illness, job loss, etc. No life event should define who we are, and they do not have to stop our progress. You can get credit reports with your HBU agent, and we can help you find credit support if needed.  

Why get prequalified?

Deciding what the homes cost in your desired area is a good step but calculating what you can afford in a HBU co-buy option is better. Get pre-qualified with our primary HBU lender in your market or one of our lenders or your own.

What's a Co-Buyer Agreement?

Our co-buyer agreements are unique to each buyer purchase with specific provisions for potential default, timeline of co-ownership, and more.  

Credit Repair Resources

Credit Repair - DIY

Credit repair is no easy task. Not ready for a legal firm to hammer down the issues for you? Try the DIY approach with lots of guidance from NOLO.

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Credit Repair - Law Firm

When you want a serious support network - there is the Lexington Law Firm. They are not cheap and they will take a few months but they will move you along your path to a better credit position.

Learn More

Credit Repair.com

Get the credit you desire. Here are some choices for professional help to get you on your way to great credit.

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You can join the HBU community for free by simply completing the registration process and developing an HBU profile. Next, you will want to get verified and select verified members. As a member, you will be placed into our matching database where you will receive push notifications of members which meet your search requirements. Finally, you are invited to attend any scheduled events for meet & greets, where potential partners meet one another over some food and drinks. We also have plenty of resources to support your co-buyer agreements, including protection against partner default, credit repair support, lenders, insurance and real estate agents. 
If you need to work on your credit or create a good credit history you are not alone. In fact, according to Credit.com, "Only a small sliver of people have absolutely terrible credit scores, but plain-old bad credit? That’s a lot more common. Nearly a third of Americans have a credit score lower than 601 — the distinction between bad and fair credit — according to credit bureau Experian." Never fear we can help. Once you are a member we can find you a resource to help you over time use strategies to build good credit. 
Absolutely! We encourage families, friends and acquaintances to join together to participate in the background vetting process. We also provide access to multiple lenders through our network. We understand it can be awkward to ask people you know to undergo important background checks without possibly placing the relationship in an uncomfortable position, so we are here to help you with that important step.
The length of your partnership is up to you. If you and your partner want to agree to one year or three-years or even a longer period of time, you certainly can do that. If you want to sell after a year to gain what equity you have acquired and move on, you can do that as well, it is up to you. 
Our members will have the assurance that their HBU buying partner will have a fully vetted criminal, financial and personality background check. The buying partners will also enter into a legal agreement that provides protection from the mortgage agreement for health and death related default coverage. Additional language states that after 60 days of non-payment from either member, the non-paying member will forfeit their equity allowing the other member to either sell the property for full equity or arrange for a new mortgage structure with another member. 
Buying investment property and renting it out or flipping the property is a goal for many, but getting started can be difficult for one buyer on their own but two motivated and vetted members can do it. We know this is an interest area for many and we will help members meet fully vetted potential partners ready to buy investment and flip properties if this is their goal.
Once you consider that there are millions of roommates living together  with a legal obligation to a lease and who are receiving no long term equity, you may want to consider the HBU option. It is possible to have a shared space or separate living quarters, depending upon the home. Also, we recommend developing a timeline for living together and co-dwelling agreements as needed. Finally, the 60-day non-payment forfeiture clause is critical to all agreements and should be included. If one of the members does not pay their portion within 60 days the contract stipulates they agree to forfeit their equity and down payment to the paying member. 
  1. We provide the infrastructure to help home buyers gain empowering knowledge about the investment and home buyers experience you would not get from lenders and real estate agents alone.
  2. We also provide access to a technology platform to help match you with the type of partners you want.
  3. Lastly, we provide you with potential partner recommendations who have undergone criminal background checks with the state and the FBI as well as a financial credit check and personality profile.
HBU provides an online platform to help property investors and home buyers overcome the challenges of down payment, inventory and cost through peer-to-peer partnership. We provide background checks, co-buyer agreements and a resource network to help with credit repair and pre-qualification as well as real estate agents in each city. Our network leverages technology and a sophisticated matching algorithm to help members find matching partners with like-minded purchase goals. Then you can chat in-app and decide if you want to meet and proceed to partnership. You can live in the property, buy as an investor or flip property together! Find out more and register for free at www.homebuyersunite.com. There are similar home buying programs available in the UK and Australia, but HBU is your one stop shop right around the corner.

For more about the Founder & CEO visit the Media Kit and see the bio section.
HBU was created to give property buyers more options for overcoming the challenges of cost, inventory and down payment.

HBU was inspired by the countless hard-working Americans dreaming of buying investment property or even a primary residence. Americans who want to extend their resources to make their lives richer and more affordable through co-buying property. It was inspired by those that want to build equity rather than say goodbye to their hard earned money paying rent.
HBU Founder Leena Bella Mayo is passionate about helping people and has several industry advisers, including a national resource network who have joined forces to support members with getting the right property at a price and location just right for them.

Meet the HBU Founder

Leena Bella Mayo (Bella) - CEO
A previous chief of marketing and ecommerce business, marketing and public relations strategist and consultant with more than 15 years of experience including assignments with Apple Computer, GE, First Data and Western Union. A global market developer with a successful track record of serving the USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Feel free to reach Leena Bella at leenabella@homebuyersunite.com.

We encourage your support and welcome your ideas. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with logos, key messaging and materials for your use.
There are other businesses offering peer-to-peer property purchasing but they service a limited geographic area and do not offer the national footprint, technology or background vetting HBU offers its members. 

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