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We are a proud member of the sharing economy, which has grown rapidly and now has Uber, Lyft and Airbnb brands collectively valued at over $100 billion.

Since 2011 home prices have increased a cumulative 48%, and income only 15%, which means it is even more difficult to buy a home than ever before. (National Association of Realtors).

Also, not surprising, as many as 30% of working-age adults now live together with a roommate who is not a love-interest, family member or college student, so they can live smart, affordable lives in the communities of their choosing. This percent also goes up in more populated and expensive markets such as L.A. where the percent of unrelated roommates is 45%.

All of the above has caused HBU to take action to help hard-working Americans, build a stepping stone to home ownership or real estate investing through peer-to-peer partnership!

Our platform connects home buyers and property investors. We provide background checks, co-buyer agreements with protection against co-buyer default and match members based upon their profile requirements. HBU also includes recommended resources for credit repair. lenders, agents and more.

 HBU created and inspired to: 

""HBU was inspired by the countless hard-working Americans who want to  buy an investment property or even a primary residence, and who need support to overcome the challenges of cost, inventory and down payment. We help buyers extend their resources and make their lives richer and more affordable through co-buying property.”  Leena Bella Mayo, Founder & CEO