We are a proud member of the sharing economy, which has grown rapidly and now has Uber, Lyft and Airbnb brands collectively valued at over $100 billion.

Since 2011 home prices have increased a cumulative 48%, and income only 15%, which means it is even more difficult to buy real estate than ever before. And, the challenge HBU is solving is the cost to enter the investment property market , which can be out of reach for one person but two or more make this a much more attractive option.

Our platform helps connect home buyers and property investors to expand their resources. We provide background checks, co-buyer agreements with expert advice to avoid default and match members based upon their profile requirements. HBU also includes recommended resources for credit repair, lenders, agents and more.


THE TEAM – Over 100 years of experience
The Founder & CEO: Leena Bella Mayo is a seasoned business executive with a business school education with more than 15 years of experience as a chief of marketing and consultant with great brands including Western Union, First Data, Apple, GE, and more.

Principal Business Advisor: John Kaufman, Real Estate Investor, Businessman, Technology and Startup Mentor.

Mortgage Lending: Bob Kopf, has more than 30 years of professional business development and lending expertise as well as experience lending to co-buyers.

Real Estate : Forrest Wade is a real estate broker and experienced expert in the areas of co-buying for primary residence and investment purchases.