Profile Considerations

What type of Co-Buyer?

Be as specific as possible with your profile considerations but be flexible with your co-buyer agreement remembering this is not forever, just a stepping stone along your wealth building path.

Where do you want to live?

Not everyone speaks their minds but this is important, so speak up! Do you want property in a specific location? A modern, older or newer build? Be specific but be a little flexible.

Why get verified?

There are a lot of things in life that are optional and while a background check is optional, we strongly urge you to get one for yourself and your co-buyer to get one as well. Verification includes local and national criminal checks as well as sex offender clearance.

Need credit repair?

We all know one or two small events in life can impact your credit: student loans, divorce, illness, job loss, etc. No life event should define who we are, and they do not have to stop our progress. You can get credit reports with your HBU agent, and we can help you find credit support if needed.  

Why get prequalified?

Deciding what the homes cost in your desired area is a good step but calculating what you can afford in a HBU co-buy option is better. Get pre-qualified with our primary HBU lender in your market or one of our lenders or your own.

What's a Co-Buyer Agreement?

Our co-buyer agreements are unique to each buyer purchase with specific provisions for potential default, timeline of co-ownership, and more.